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Chapter 1357 – Song Shuhang witnessing a historic momen unkempt reduce
She waved the treasured saber Ruined Tyrant, fighting off strenuously.
Once they just defended, the energy in their ‘flat imperial hat’ could be completely drained after 100 steps. At the moment, she would simply have the power for the 5th Phase.
At this moment, a projection of Fairy Formation sprang out behind Track Shuhang’s human body and performed, “It’s like~ a lightsaber~ Yiyiya~”
Whenever they just defended, the force in the ‘flat imperial hat’ could be completely fatigued soon after 100 movements. During that time, she would have only the strength in the Fifth Period.
At this moment, a projection of Fairy Development came out behind Track Shuhang’s human body and sang, “It’s like~ a lightsaber~ Yiyiya~”
This switch was extremely complicated and contained hundreds and hundreds of shifts it shut onto Skylark in such a way that it will be out of the question to avoid it.
Scarlet Paradise Sword would not provide any a.s.sistance until it was actually another recourse.
Its target was Xuan Nu Sect’s Skylark.
Currently, the heavenly tribulation large flashed towards Piece of music Shuhang’s location.
The perfect tribulation massive also considered the Thirty-A few Divine Beasts’ Blended Mystical Jewel. Once this pair of Eighth Step mystical treasures was a.s.sembled, it noticed a great experience of oppression.
Scarlet Heaven Sword stated, “This will be all the help I can provide you with.”
After the lamia stabilized her figure, she retained the valued saber in their right-hand, and a tyrannical sword intention condensed. Afterward, she reduced on the large.
The virtuous lamia come about and protected the 2 Song Shuhangs in their own hands. She got taken out the ‘flat imperial hat’ and placed it on, resulting in the great imperial robe to look in her entire body as she joined the Virtuous Empress Option.
In the air, the demonic tribulation sea as well as the heavenly tribulation cloud resonated and exploded.
This transfer was extremely challenging and comprised tens of thousands of shifts it shut onto Skylark in this method that it will be extremely hard to dodge it.
It turned out Skylark, who was severely wounded and then in a dismal express.
Then, from under her costume, a tennis ball of beef presented.
During the air flow, the virtuous lamia’s energy fallen sharply, and also there had not been a lot strength left inside the toned imperial cap.
It then knelt downward, grabbed the ‘missile’, dragged it out from the surface, and wielded it.
Heavens, now that Fairy Development stated that, it will really appear like it a serious bit…
It was an inevitable blow!
More to the point, his most important human body didn’t have the ‘Fixed Wellness Undying State’.
Was not the purpose of the Impregnating Gaze with the Scholarly Sage’s Eye just to let some others to discover the anguish of childbearing and giving birth?
On the 15-meter-lengthy led missile, a meridian-like label made an appearance, and dark-colored and green energy circulated along that label, covering the entire body of the missile.

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